Mexico International Film Festival and Awards

We are currently accepting entries for the 2015 Mexico International Film Festival and Awards.

The Mexico International Film Festival and Awards has become an important awards event within the film industry and a centerpiece for promoting and growing the thriving arts and culture community of Mexico. Founded on the premise that the language of film is universal and a dynamic force in bridging cultural understanding, the event celebrates and recognizes the very best of international independent cinema from around the world.

Held annually each May, the Mexico International Film Festival and Awards is an extraordinary celebration of cinematic discovery and innovation. Each year we honor the best from around the world in various competition categories including Feature Films, Documentaries, Short Films, Foreign Films, Mexican Films, a short and feature length Screenplay Competition, Music Videos, Experimental Films, Television Pilots, Environmental Films, and more. In addition, Special Jury Prizes are awarded to several standout films and screenplays at the discretion of the Official Jury.

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The Mexico International Film Festival and Awards is an awards competition created as an internationally visible platform to provide exceptional films and filmmakers with recognition for their filmmaking and screenwriting achievements. Beginning with our 2013 event, we have transitioned from a traditional film festival held since 2007 in Baja, Mexico, to an annual online awards competition. Films will not be physically screened for the public. Once the Official Jury has concluded the judging process, winners and awards will be announced publicly on this website, via targeted email blast, via our social networks, and to the international film and entertainment media via Internet promotional channels.

The Mexico International Film Festival and Awards recognizes the works of international filmmakers, producers, screenwriters, and artists from around the world.

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Awards are given in several categories including Feature, Documentary, Short, Foreign, Animation, Music Video, Student, Direction, Acting, Screenwriting, Television Pilot, and Best of Mexico and more. The Grand Jury Prize and Special Jury Prizes will be presented to the best film in competition as selected by our Official Jury.

Screenplay Competition

The Mexico International Film Festival and Awards proudly supports the craft of screenwriting by discovering and recognizing important new talent through our annual Screenplay Competition. The Screenplay Competition features both a feature and short length screenplay competition. Top screenplays in the competition are awarded based on the quality and originality of the work. The Mexico International Film Festival and Awards seeks to discover and award new and original voices in screenwriting from around the globe.

We look forward to viewing your work and wish you the best in competition in the 2014 Mexico International Film Festival and Awards!