2014 Winners

the box Grand Jury Award: The Box directed by Sascha Zimmerman
cartoonist Jury Award: Cartoonist directed by Divyansh Ganjoo
journey still Special Jury Prize: The Journey directed by KengGuan Chiu
lost and found Special Jury Prize: Lost and Found in Santa Marta directed by Vera Neverkevich 
circle-drums Special Jury Prize: Circle Drums in the Back Yard directed by Anna Troyanskaya
kathys love Best Feature Film: Kathy's Love directed by Anna Troyanskaya
mary project Best Biography: The Mary Project directed by Kylie Garcelon
sausage film Best Animation: Sausage directed by Robert Grieves
Then-There-were-Four Best Comedy: Then There Were Four directed by Arghya Mukerjee
boss happy ending film Best Romantic Comedy: The Boss Wants a Happy Ending directed by Kivanc Baruonu 
my beloved dearest Best Musical: Sayang Disayang "My Beloved Dearest" directed by Sanif Olek
Joshua Tree Best Director: Joshua Tree directed by Li Cheng
Gringas Best Documentary Feature: The Gringas directed by Dana Berman Duff
Disarming-Falcons Best Documentary Short: Disarming Falcons directed by Wendy Johnson and Annie Nocenti
contrabando still Best Drama: Contrabando directed by Pablo Thomas
monsura Best Fantasy Film: Monsura Is Waiting directed by Kevin Newbury
Ramin Matin Best Foreign Feature: Kusursuzlar directed by Ramin Matin
hero pose Best Family Film: The Hero Pose directed by Mischa Jakupcak
tiempo del agua Best Foreign Short: El Tiempo Del Agua directed by Shahriar Adham El Kosht
The-Immortal-Augustus-Gladstone Best First Time Filmmaker: The Immortal Augustus Gladstone directed by Robyn Miller
tokyo halloween Best Horror: Tokyo Halloween Night directed by Mari Okada
lifeontheline Best Environmetal: Life on the Line: Coming of Age Between Nations directed by Sally Rubin & Jen Gilomen
melina con rabbia Best Independent Film: Melina Con Rabbia e con Sapere directed by Demetrio Casile
Moonlight Best Music Video: Moonlight directed by Nicole McGovern
Adelante Best Screenplay: Adelante directed by Noam Osband
Red-Cloud- Best Short Film: Red Cloud: Deliverance directed by Sioux Cloud/Alex Kruz
camille Best Student Film: Camille directed by Martin Hawie
FrankyandtheAnt Best Thriller Film: Franky and the Ant directed by Billy Hayes

Official Finalists

Clyde Cynic directed by Ramiro Belanger
Rhythms of Resistance directed by Jason O'Hara
Naked Ambition directed by Joe Wihl
Baja directed Erick Higuera
The Provocateur directed by Chris Fassbender
Connected directed by Amior Artziel
The Driver directed by Jarkko T. Laine
La Madre - The Mother directed by Angelo Maresca
Reflections directed by Ashley Pegg
Arde Lucus directed by Oscar Brais Revalderia Prieto 

2014 Screenplay Competition Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2014 Screenplay Winners and Official Finalists.

1st Place

Easter Island written by Joseph Casner

2nd Place

The Medley written by Angelica Gomes Dos Reis Marcondes

3rd Place

The Journey of Lupe written by Darrell R. Combs

4th Place

Quotidienne written by Alex Gonzalez

2014 Golden Palm Award Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2014 Golden Palm Winners!

Give directed by Ewan Bailey
Rescue Me directed by Amancay Tapia
Tallulah directed by Céline Barakat
Kaleidoscope directed by Dania Bdeir
Shackled directed by Nour Wazzi
Chatele Del Campo/ Country Kids directed by Jason Outenreath
La Casse de M. Alfred directed by Jean-Emmanuel Godart
Duende: Suit of Lights directed by Jeff Rowles
DAR directed by Keren Sternfeld
Cheers to Death directed by Nicholas Humphries
Where Might the Wind Rest directed by Mohammad Ali Shirzadi
The Devils Lair directed by Riaan Hendricks
Tales from the Organ Trade directed by Ric Esther Beinstock
El Ingeniero directed by Juan Passarelli and Mathew Charles
Ensoulment directed by Loris Simon Salum

2014 Silver Palm Award Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2014 Silver Palm Winners!

Braconneire directed by Martin Tronquart
Butterfly Dreams directed by Venkat Krishnan
L’inconnu directed by Anne Leclercq
Chambers Gate directed by Charles Ross & Mukesh Asopa
Sound of Torture directed by Keren Shayo
Vive La France directed by Helgi Felixson, Titti Johnson
Eisbein Sweet and Sour directed by Sabirna Jager
PunchRolla directed by Matt Lillard
Antaraal (veiled) directed by benoy mitra
Another's evil directed by Anna Troyanskay
The Man Who Made Angels Fly directed by Wiktoria Szymanska
A Culture Of Silence directed by Raouf Jacob
The Vetters: All We Needed directed by Anne Bruder & Nancy Pokorny
Prinsesa directed by Drew Stephens
Thos For Whom is always complicated directed by Husson

2014 Bronze Palm Award Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2014 Bronze Palm Winners!

Scattered directed by Lindsay Lindenbaum
Mexican Dream directed by Rogelio Alex Ruiz Euler and Jon Wetterau
The Garage directed by Michel Demers
Edmond A portait of Baudoin directed by Laetitia Carton
H.O.P.E. Was Here directed by Mark Denega
Olivia Twist directed by Arno Hazebroek
Mouton (Sheep) directed by Marianne Pistone Gilles Deroo
Seven Lucky Gods directed by Jamil Dehlavi
The Mystic Wind directed by Anjan Das
Hiding Places directed by Darren Vukasinovic
Emanicpation directed by Devin Home
Soul Stealer directed by Shawn Spitler
Stock Exchange directed by Stéphane Everaert & Frédéric Mosbeux
CUT directed by Riccardo Romboli