2016 Winners

Grand Jury Award: Coming Through the Rye directed by James Sadwith

Jury Award: Life: Sink directed by Brett Michael Innes

Special Jury Prize: The Shattered Mind directed by Jade Bryan

Special Jury Prize: Black like Snow directed by Victor Lafond

Special Jury Prize: Wildlike directed by Frank Hall Green

Best Feature Film: Intersection directed by Tim French 

Best Animation: Moom directed by Robert Kondo & Daisuke 'Dice' Tsutsumi

Best Comedy: Wifey Redux directed by Robert McKeon

Best Romantic Comedy: Untied Shoes directed by Hector Matias

Best Mexico Film: Viacrucis Migrante - Migrant Crossing directed by Hauke Lorenz

Best Sci-Fi: Through the Uncanny Valley directed by Pasquale M. Greco

Best Director: Jasmine directed by Dax Phelan

Best Action/Adventure Film: Mando Mercs Five-0 Clan Celebration directed by John "Keoni" Maemori

Best Documentary Feature: Return of the Free China Junk directed by Robin Greenberg

Best Documentary Short: Crossing Waters directed by Jane D. Watson

Best Drama: According To Ben Adams directed by Dan Noah, Bramwell Noah

Best Fantasy Film: Eclipse directed by Artem Makarevich

Best Family Film: A Christmas Wish directed by Eduardo Michel Piza

Best First Time Filmmaker: Tears of Harmony directed by Farookh Naghdipour

Best Environmental Film: The Rainforest directed by Diganta Mazumdar

Best Independent Film:Ookie Cookie directed by Francesca Mirabella

Best Music Video: The Posh Cinderella directed by Leandro Schmidt

Best Screenplay: The Head Hunter directed by Nilanjan Datta

Best Short Film: One Second Changes Everything directed by Cristhian Andrews

Best Student Film: The Hodag directed by Hadrien Royo

Best Thriller Film: Angel of Decay directed by Jamie Crawford

Best TV Pilot: Red Bird directed by Misti Boland

Official Finalists:

Buzzed directed by Phillip Abraham

The Z-Nail Gang directed by Anton Steel

Diary of a Misfit directed by Jerzain Ortega

Marisol directed by Eugene Martin

Bondage directed by Esquire Jauchem

Redistributors directed by Adrian Tanner

Calamity directed by Reynaldo A. Garza

Pesum Parai directed by Maharajan Shanmuga Sundaram 

Coming to Terms directed by David Bertran

Hangover directed by Alberto Martin-Aragon 

2016 Screenplay Competition Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2016 Screenplay Winners and Official Finalists.

1st Place

Hell on Neptune written by Robert J. Rogers

2nd Place

Avianna written by   Roberto Carlo Chiesa

3rd Place

Pillars of The Sea written by Tom Warson

Official Finalists

From Ashes to Immortality written by Eric Hyde, George Dean, Mike Anderson, Jazzmyne Matchette

Gigantic written by Alan Reitsch

The Anointed One written by Diann Beck

Horace Bell written by Steven Wayne Knight & Liz Baldwin

I love you with all my body written by 

Alien 5 written by Daniel Furuya, Jamon Holmes

Agave Blue Ruth Marlenee

False Bottom written by Stephen Tomaski

Ariel written by Flavia Tamoyo

Trieste, 1912 written by Ben Hanah

2016 Golden Palm Award Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2016 Golden Palm Winners!

Animation Competition

El Futuro del Cámbio Climático directed by Javier Ángeles

Switch Man directed by Hsun-Chun Chuang, Shao-Kuei Tong

A Bing directed by Zhenxing Zhang

Battledream Chronicle directed by Alain Bidard

L.O.V.E. Machine directed by Alfred Lindahl

Butterfly directed by Zhenxing Zhang

Quien Eres Tu directed by Roger Hill

Disconnector directed by Faiyaz Jafri

Documentary Feature Competition

Quebekoisie directed by Olivier Higgins, Mélanie Carrier

The Forgotten Tigers directed by Krishnendu Bose

One Hundred Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct directed by Bruce Dickson

El Gringo Schindler directed by Ralph Isenberg, Joe de la Fuente

Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution directed by Glenn Gebhard

USA Project directed by Miguel Herrero Herrero

North directed by Cayan Demirel & Ertuğrul Mavioğlu

Children's Planet directed by Ranjit Koka

Peanut Gallery directed by Molly Gandour

Women are the Answer directed by Fiona Cochrane

GreenGiants directed by Alexis Posternak

Documentary Short Competition

Generation Right directed by Michelle Coomber

El Cacao directed by Michelle Aguilar

The Storm Downstream directed by Jesseca Simmons

Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball directed by Drew Taylor, Matthew Taylor

Seeing the Full Sounding directed by Zachary Kerschberg

I Lost My Dream directed by Stefan Hunt

Libera Espressione directed by Manuele Mandolesi, Matteo Delba

Urbi et Orbi Cuba directed by Andros Barroso

First Time Filmmaker Competition

Tai Chi directed by Sheng Fei, Rosen Andonov

I've just had a dream directed by Javi Navarro

A Candle Lights The Heart directed by Shinji Kondo

Marzipan Flowers directed by Adam Kalderon

The Missing View  directed by Xiaolei Zhao

Doina directed by Nikolas Grasso

Living Lost directed by Jon Bessire

Le Pain directed by Meryl Murman 

Let's Dance To The Rhythm directed by Bardroy Barretto

Music Video Competition

She & Me directed by Ajitesh Sharma

Cielo directed by Franco Del Risco

The Gopher Plan directed by Lauren Bon

Narrative Feature Competition

Spices of Liberty directed by Gowri Goli, P C Aditya, Prakash Inuganti, Vijay Swahari, Supriya Goli

Medardo directed by Nitsy Grau

Hunting Party directed by Chris Kummerfeldt Quiroa

Diary of a Misfit directed by Jerzain Ortega

Social Suicide directed by Bruce Webb

Land of Smiles directed by Bradley Stryker

Happy those who cry directed by Marcelo Torcida

Forbidden Ground directed by Johan Earl, Adrian Powers

Utopia directed by Hassan Nazer 

Hola America directed by Karim Missouri

Narrative Short Competition

A Way Out directed by Jason Tostevin

Fixed directed by Codey Wilson, Burleigh Smith

5 Ways 2 Die directed by Daina Papadaki

The Anniversary directed by Lewis Hodgson

Gravitation: Variation in Time and Space directed by Andrei Severny

Buzzed directed by Phillip Abraham

Galicia Portobello Road directed by Adriana Páramo Pérez 

The Good Feelings directed by François Landry 

Pioneer High directed by Suha Araj

Grounded directed by Alexis Michalik

Student Film Competition

Everything's alright directed by Sandeep Rampal Balhara

All Tru-ish directed by Mina Mir

David Mills directed by Jeric Pimentel, Nico Del Giudice

Silence of the Siren directed by Liz McQuaid Martin

Juanita directed by Ximena Amescua Cuenca

The Holy Cave directed by Aleix Massot

Capture directed by Tamar Rudoy

Vessels directed by Arkasha Stevenson

Screenplay Competition

Writing The End written by  Massimiliano Mauceri

Level 5 written by Jamon Holmes, Daniel Furuya, Daniel Louis

Ixmucané Pastor written by Grisel Wilson & Philip Sedgwick

Gracias a La Vida written by Alexander Lynch

Loveband written by Nicola Pedrozzi 

Machismo written by Maja Ramirez

2016 Silver Palm Award Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2016 Silver Palm Winners!

Animation Competition

Another Day in Paradise directed by Bellopropello

Sugar Cube: A Journey Through A Creative "Block" directed by Earthwyn

Viva Lucha directed by JD Gardner, Anne Fong

The Misadventures of Chubzilla directed by Dominik Koscinski, Elizabeth Lee

The Big The Bad and The Bunny directed by Minji Sohn, Laura Talaway

The Present directed by Jacob Frey

Tink! directed by Ava Sawicka

Documentary Feature Competition

Only New Orleans directed by Vassili Silovic

Jews Step Forward directed by Marjorie Wright, Elika Rezaee

A Quest for Meaning directed by Nathanaël Coste & Marc De la Ménardière

Chinese Verses directed by Wu Feiyue, Qin Xiaoyu

Searching for Dragons directed by Dan Gainsford

South Texas Gentle Men of Steel - Los Padres directed by Armando P Ibanez

Kurdistan-Kurdistan directed by Bulent Gunduz

A Different Life directed by Shahaf Peled

The Great Transmission directed by Pema Gellek

Drifters directed by Hani R. Eskander

Death By a Thousand Cuts directed by Juan Mejia Botero & Jake Kheel

Cape Espichel - In Land of a Lost World directed by Carlos Sargedas

Documentary Short Competition

A Way of Life directed by Ben Spilling

La Liberacion de Aiexis directed by Ralph Isenberg & Joe De La Fuente

Oriental Silk directed by Xiaowen Zhu

2.5% - The Osa Peninsula directed by Marco Bollinger

The Boyash directed by Daniela Apostoaei

Maia directed by Pietro Maria Rusca

Witch! directed by Suzanne Mackay

First Time Filmmaker Competition

Chelsea International directed by Paul Adelizzi

From Uneasy Dreams directed by Mitch Fillion

And The Circus Leaves Town directed by Mete Sozer

Creditors directed by Ben Cura

Dual City directed by Yokna Hasegawa

Tamago directed by Koji Hirano

Alma directed by Alycya Magaña 

Tears Of Ghost directed by Natasha Dematra

Crossing Waters directed by Jane D. Watson

Music Video Competition

Cais Sodré Funk Connection - Offbeat directed by Richard F. Coelho

Bas sam sretan directed by Marin Nekic

Who Killed Bruce Lee- Born Addicted directed by Chadi Younes

Narrative Feature Competition

Creditors directed by Ben Cura

Invisible Ink directed by Nate Neal

Battalion directed by Dmitry Meskhiev

Ben and Ara directed by Nnegest Likke

The Chameleon directed by Jim Greayer

Amir directed by José Paredes

In-between directed by Henrik Kolind

Rats directed by Vladimir Uglichin

Terror Toons 3 directed by Joe Castro

Maskoun directed by Krystle Houiess, Sharif Abdunnur

Narrative Short Competition

Screw Quentin directed by Alexei Markov

Susy Enamorada directed by Miguel Lozoya Falcon

The Test directed by Teresa Czepiec

Jack Is Pretty directed by Jarek Zabczynski

A Shadow of Dara directed by Kirill Proskura

Elle directed by Vincent Toujas

Crack directed by Peter King

The Eve directed by Luca Machnich

The Poem of A Memory directed by Cristhian Andrews

Bluey directed by Darlene Johnson

Student Film Competition

Sunnyville Security directed by Shelby Wilson

Lucidity directed by Meredith Morran & Ellis Kauffman

Fish directed by Andrew Ruiz

Live Another Day directed by Meredith Morran & Ellis Kaufmann

A Christmas Wish directed by Eduardo Michel Piza

Longing directed by Nadav Mishali

Stranded Fish directed by Michel Stolnicki

Separation directed by Andrew Schwarz

Screenplay Competition

The Job Offer written by  Massimiliano Mauceri

Itsy Bitsy Tries Again written by Zachary V.

Susy Enamorada written by Miguel Lozoya Falcon

Time Skip written by Owen Thomas

Symposium written by Tom Grady

2016 Bronze Palm Award Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2016 Bronze Palm Winners!

Animation Competition

Let's Go directed by Kevin Li

Taking the Plunge directed by Thaddaeus Andreades, Nicholas Manfredi, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Marie Raoult

Chains directed by Hannah Sung, JunYoung Han

Breathe directed by Jodelyn C. Arias

Zoe directed by ChiHyun Lee

Documentary Feature Competition

Uri In The Sky directed by Amir Har-Gil

Spirit of the Bull directed by Edwin E. Brochin

Maquao: Rebellion, Seduction, Tragedy directed by Adriana Delgado Ruiz

Congo Beat The Drum directed by Ariel Tagar

I'll be home directed by Kang, Heejin, Yoon, Sanghee, Song, Byungjae

Cosmic Whistleblowers directed by Simon Sharman

Men In The Arena directed by J.R. Biersmith

In the Game directed by Maria Finitzo

Leaving Africa directed by  Iiris Härmä 

Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism directed by David Naglieri 

Documentary Short Competition

Trashed After Death directed by Martin Ponferrada

What is Love? directed by Adriana Monti

Mirrorball directed by Brad Nguyen, David Carrillo Lombera

The Semiotones  directed by Adriana Monti

Cozumel Island, a Paradise in the Mayan Caribbean directed by Karlos Simon 

Vertical Slum directed by Irene Sosa

Time to shine directed by Moises Lemus 

First Time Filmmaker Competition

Recognition directed by Sharon Ryba-Kahn

D'ora directed by Delia Antal 

Happy Those Who Cry directed by Marcelo Torcida

Give Me Back My Life directed by Alain Maiki

My Story directed by Juan Pablo Urbina Rodríguez

Angel of Decay directed by Jamie Crawford

The Chameleon directed by Jim Greayer

The Head Hunter directed by Tom Keeling

The Sin of Those Who Love Us directed by Vasco de Oliveira

Music Video Competition

Someday You'll Be My Wife directed by Risa Pappas

Fossils directed by Dycee Wildman, Jonathan Rogers, Motke Dapp

Glamour & Glitz! directed by Matthew Weekes

Narrative Feature Competition

The Z-Nail Gang directed by Anton Steel

Carlos Dunn's Katherine directed by Carlos Dunn

Zero directed by Gyula Nemes

Life Is a Trumpet directed by Antonio Nuić

Dependent's Day directed by Michael David Lynch

Hole in the Wall directed by Adam Elias Buncher 

Look Again directed by Daniel O'Connor

Indefinite directed by Kane George Jason

From Uneasy Dreams directed by Mitch Fillion

Kurko (Tent) directed by Kenzhebek Shaikakov

Narrative Short Competition

Who’s in the Fridge? directed by Philippe Lamensch

Birth directed by Timothy Casten

Twolines directed by Nicolas Van Beveren, Illoyd Campos

The Hand Job directed by Hart Perez, Devon Perez

The Nude directed by Brian Zahm

The Promise  directed by Alex Leu

XYZ, The City Hunter directed by M.TIKAL

Black Sea directed by Ulas Karaoglu

Dopado directed by Piotr Wieckowski

A Tale with Christ and Jesus directed by Oldren Romero

Student Film Competition

Verde Agonia directed by Nina Chávez Góngora 

Meaningless directed by Lucia Balestrieri

The Hodag directed by Hadrien Royo

Mirage directed by Nuria Castro

The Banisher of Thought directed by Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen

A Little Journey directed by Lisset Mendoza

201 directed by Nina Chávez Góngora 

Bird directed by Brittany Rae Barber

Zikra - In loving memory directed by Fatma Racha Shehadeh

Screenplay Competition

Dead end of the Sea written by Cristian Comeaga

Cinco written by R. Lucas Xander 

The Border Agent written by John Madill

Look Again written by Daniel O'Connor

Juarez written by  Fredrik Colting

Luther's Gang written by Massimiliano Mauceri