2017 Winners

Grand Jury Award: Colors directed by Roopa Iyer

Jury Award: Life: Shattered Families: the Collapse of America's Mental Health System directed by Stephen Seager

Special Jury Prize: On The Map directed by Dani Menkin

Special Jury Prize: Odile, The Documentary directed by Gabriel Fonseca Verdugo

Special Jury Prize: The taste of Brussels sprouts directed by Michael Terraz

Best Feature Film: Brother Sister directed by Alex Thompson

Best Animation: Tokri (The Basket) directed by Suresh Eriyat

Best Comedy: The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus directed by Barry Worthington

Best Romantic Comedy: One True Love directed by Fook Ngo

Best Mexico Film: Finisterra directed by Erick Higuera

Best Sci-Fi: Hey directed by Angel Janer, Peter Jones

Best Director: East West directed by Rodrigo Grota

Best Action/Adventure Film: Hunting Season directed by Teo Jansen

Best Documentary Feature: Into the unknown directed by Inigo Westmeier, Benjamin Quabeck

Best Documentary Short:How to Stop a Pipeline directed by Kip Pastor

Best Drama: The Waiting Room directed by Hend Fakhroo

Best Fantasy Film:An Evening of Eternity directed by Constantin Maier

Best Family Film: Kids From Camelot directed by Terence E. Wolfe

Best First Time Filmmaker: When The Sun Shines directed by Frederik Barington

Best Environmental Film: Through The Thick directed by Nino Leitner

Best Independent Film:Better directed by Scotti Gibson

Best Experimental Film: I Want To Burn That House directed by Muhamad Yazid Md So'od

Best Music Video: Please Tell Rosie - Alle Farben feat. YOUNOTUS directed by Marc Rissmann

Best Screenplay: Some Other Dawns directed by Florian Poupelin

Best Short Film: The Simon s way directed by Edgar Baghdasaryan

Best Student Film: Kiss of Death directed by Timothy Collins, Jillian Kibler

Best Thriller Film:The Return directed by Oliver Nias

Best TV Pilot: A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E directed by Kenneth Mader

Official Finalists:

Four Motherless Children directed by Ralph Isenberg

Wanderlust, female bodies in transit directed by Maria Perez Escalá, Anne vonPetersdorff

Everything in the Song is True directed by Douglas Morrione

The Metal Islands directed by Osvaldo González Sepúlveda

Flow directed by Mao Fukasawa, Akihiro Miyata

Doris directed by Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz

Sunday directed by Erika Oregel

A Town Called Theocracy directed by Jehad N. Al-Khateeb

Muskrat directed by Antoine de Bujadoux

Deep Love directed by Arturo Pierdonà

Chosen (Custody of the Eyes) directed by Abbie Reese

2017 Screenplay Competition Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2017 Screenplay Winners and Official Finalists.

1st Place
Resurrection Time Conspiracy written by James Carroll

2nd Place
The Heroes of the World written by Dayra Lee Montoyo

3rd Place
The Salt Box written by Robert J. Rogers

Official Finalists:

20/20: Search for Independence written by Harold L. Brown

Del Rio, Texas written by Abhiraj Trivedi

Dakota Caves - 2 Miles written by Robert J. Rogers

Sight Unseen written by Chloe Tuck

Spirits written by Paul Horan

The Dark Season written by Jaime Baker

The Boy with One Ear written by Robert Fullerton

Father Rennie written by Bonnie Eaton

A Present for Me written by Mary Helen Barraza

EL REMANSO written by Josue Vazquez

2017 Golden Palm Award Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2017 Golden Palm Winners!

Animation Competition

Agrinoui directed by Alexis Chaviaras

On Schedule directed by Elena Manetta

Prudencia Ayala, presidenta directed by Carlos Henriquez Consalvi

MAYUR directed by Vibeke Sorensen

Totem directed by Ariel Jew

Heavenkid directed by Derrick, Yung-Te, Wu

Like A Lotus Flower directed by Eliya Swarttz

Sphere Of Life directed by Rodolfo Juárez

Equipoise directed by Gung-Kai Koo

Diaspora directed by Alaeddin Abou Taleb

Doomed directed by Max Ward

Documentary Feature Competition

Residente directed by René Pérez Joglar 

Spectres are haunting Europe directed by Maria Kourkouta, Niki Giannari

Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair directed by Angélique Kourounis

All That Must Change directed by Kristofer Ríos, Julian Moura-Busquets

To End a War directed by Marc Silver

Delicate Balance directed by Guillermo Garcia Lopez

#uploading_holocaust directed by Udi Nir , Sagi Bornstein

Fighting to Win directed by Leandro Lima, Roberta Salomone

I Go Back Home  - Jimmy Scott directed by Yoon Ha Chang

Retorno/Homecoming directed by J. Miguel Villafañe

Documentary Short Competition

The Nature of People directed by Bess Tassoulas

A Boy Enters directed by Mads Krause

Journey of a Thousand Meditations directed by Tish Streeten

Judith's wood directed by Tish Streeten

DELOS 2015 directed by Andonis Kioukas

Pinch Of Salt directed by Tanmay Shah

Echoes directed by Mrinalini Tewari

The Sad Monk directed by Diana Frankovic

Contigo directed by Dan Boord, Luis Valdovino

Rodando en la Habana directed by Jaime Santos Menendez, Jennifer Hosek

First Time Filmmaker Competition

Timgad directed by Benchaouche Fabrice

The Return directed by Oliver Nias

Mystic shore directed by Subin Mathew George, Johns Daniel

Manolita directed by Luc mondelaers, Doug Spearman

Why Siegfried Teitelbaum had to die directed by Axel B. Steinmueller

When The Sun Shines directed by Frederik Barington

Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures directed by Vlado Priborsky

Let Her Go directed by Marco A Diaz, Kim Philips

Music Video Competition

The Partygoer directed by Juan Carlos Lelo De Larrea

Enjoy The Pain directed by Amit Shamir

Sad Heart Of Mine directed by Marc Lemoine

Narrative Feature Competition

Halumim / Beneath the Silence directed by Erez Mizrahi, Sahar Shavit

Withered Green directed by Mohammed Hammad

Bird directed by Kseniya Baskakova

The Mother, the Son and the Grandmother directed by Benjamin Brunet

Front Cover directed by Ray Yeung

I, Timon directed by Dan and Bramwell Noah

Past directed by Cagdas Cagri 

Narrative Short Competition

Nail directed by JB Minerva

The Jim Crow Holocaust directed by Jacob Hayek

V.I.P Trading Places directed by Eli Joabs

Please Love me Forever directed by Holy Fatma

Crocodile Boy directed by Ruben Gloria

Water Emotions directed by Francesco Majo, Nataly Cadavid

La Plaza directed by Juan Carlos Alcantar Jr.

Redemption directed by Neville D'Almeida , Joaquim Haickel

Summer Orbit directed by Kristian McKay

Orange directed by Hakan ünal

Student Film Competition

Congratulations directed by Cynthia Sawma

Inventing a Laugh directed by Carolina Mejia Lartilleux

Praise and Blame directed by Shane Book

Deep Love directed by Arturo Pierdonà

Colette and the room B-12 directed by Alexandra Karamisaris

Let Her Go directed by Marco A Diaz

Whining Low directed by Sergio Zaciu

Eyes on the Wall directed by Vicente Gonzalez

Familia Por Vida directed by Preethi Sehrawat

Walk for Me directed by Elegance Bratton

Screenplay Film Competition

Under God's Sky written by Brian Bowler

Night Without Shade written by Dimitri Dietrich Limpert

Princess Angela written by Ting Zhang

Clear Blue Sky written by Michael Spiros Brazda

Mad Dash written by William Leonard

2017 Silver Palm Award Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2017 Silver Palm Winners!

Animation Competition

Dracula directed by Mark Andres

Cold Dark Mirror directed by David T. Krupicz

Barkley directed by Li-wei Chiu

Revelation - The City of Haze directed by Mao Qichao

Haruka directed by Daisuke Horide

The Old Man and The Pears directed by Jing Sun

Pacha directed by Diego Meza

Schirkoa directed by Ishan Shukla

Stars directed by Han Zhang

To Build a Fire directed by FX Goby 

Documentary Feature Competition

Beyond the Mask: The Road to San Marcos Avilés directed by Zak Varvaresso

Rasheed directed by Samia Badih

Vamizi - Cradle of Coral directed by Mattias Klum

The Land Beneath Our Feet directed by Sarita Siegel, Gregg Mitman

Diva - Enemy of the People directed by Tony Oldham

Nana directed by Serena Dykman

Free directed by Tomislav Zaja

Marked 4 Life: The Story of Sleepy Lagoon Tattoo directed by John Trujillo

Tupamaro directed by Martin Markovits

A Plastic Ocean directed by Craig Leeson

Documentary Short Competition

Part Of Me Now: Living With Breast Cancer directed by Emily Gerhardson

Marcello directed by Tony Marin

Jobs War : The Lost Generation of Seoul directed by Yoonnyung Lee, Sumin Lee

The Awakened Heart directed by Simonetta d'Italia-Wiener

Boxeadora directed by Meg Smaker

Hearing voices directed by Anja Krug-Metzinger

What is Love? directed by Yotaro Okada

9 vistas 9 oídas de Georgia directed by Camilo Martín-Flórez

80% Disabled directed by Mari Sanders

If I Can Make It There directed by Emanuele Sesta

First Time Filmmaker Competition

The Weekend directed by Dennis Cahlo

Project: Nocturno Cinema directed by Marco Montenegro

Blue Jean Blues directed by Nitin Mahajan

Delirium directed by Carlos Kaimakamian Carrau

From Mass to the Mountain directed by Kurt Sensenbrenner

The Wanderers directed by Jessica Schwartz

Music Video Competition

Earth (Bumiku) directed by Natasha Dematra

Dolores directed by Joel Navarro

Youth - Daughter directed by Daniel Chan

Narrative Feature Competition

La Isla directed by Ahmed Boulane

Area directed by Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio

Milton's Secret directed by Barnet Bain

Vaishnavi directed by Mr. G Murthy

Mudras Calling directed by Christina Kyi

The Little Gypsy Witch directed by Tomislav Zaja

Jungle directed by Martin Rieznik

We're Still Together directed by Jesse Klein

Narrative Short Competition

Parallel Universes directed by Liran Nathan

Growing Apart directed by Eitan Loewenstein

The Good Vassal directed by Arturo Lizardi

A California Lullaby directed by Omar Antonio Iturriaga

Il Cmapione directed by Boming Jiang

Neon directed by Mark J. Blackman

Mackenzie directed by Sofia Astrom

In the Robot Skies directed by liam young

Five Boys and a Wheel directed by Said Zagha

Supermom directed by Jason Honeycutt

Student Film Competition

The Ladies From the Ranch directed by Orlando Torres

Eat me! directed by Ilina Perianova

Follow Me directed by Maria Prieto

Dark Machine directed by Sander van Dijk

Mackenzie directed by Sofia Astrom

Petrel directed by Charles Broad

Contact directed by Samir Syriani

The Immigrants directed by Kyaw Thein Kha

Jasper directed by Scarlett Urbano

Last Round directed by Ziv Mamon

Silver Studded Blue directed by Niamh Farrelly

Screenplay Film Competition

Transylvania written by Agnese Pagliarani

The Feast of San Sebastian written by Jonathan Marcantoni

Saira written by Joh Kontoyannis

Edna's Dearest Possessions written by Ozge Gozturk

2017 Bronze Palm Award Winners

The Mexico International Film Festival proudly congratulates its 2017 Bronze Palm Winners!

Animation Competition

Hope directed by Michael Scherrer

The History of Magic: Ensueño directed by Josè Luis Gonzàlez

Cupid is not a terrorist directed by bellopropello

Winter Story directed by Alena Kulikova

Hunting Season directed by Teo Jansen

The Wall directed by Nick Baker, Tristan Klein

Stutter directed by Pedro Allevato

Pacha directed by Diego Meza

Karma directed by Peter Zhaoyu Zhou

The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters directed by Shan-Pen Lin

Femme Enfant directed by Bonnie Forsyth

Documentary Feature Competition

The Colorado directed by Murat Eyuboglu

The Green Standard directed by William Rosenfeld, Jacob Strunk

Antardrishti-Biography of a Saint directed by Aniket Dhok

Leisure Time Future: The Rattlesnake directed by Aniket Dhok

My Brothers and Sisters in the North directed by Sung-Hung Cho

Así Nomás directed by Anouk Lejczyk

The Vervet Forest directed by Kyle Salazar

Church Forest directed by Greg Vander Veer, Peter Eliot Buntaine

Pedro Cano - Travel Notebooks. The Studio.directed by Alfonso Burgos Risco

Stopping Traffic: The Movement to End Sex-Trafficking directed by Sadhvi Siddhali Shree

Documentary Short Competition

Boujeloud: Father of Skins directed by Daragh McCarthy

Papá directed by Nico Sandi

Cycles directed by Hansel Ureña Espósito

Value of Life directed by Natasha Despotovic, Alexandra Tabar

Haka and Guitars directed by William Watson

Owners of the Forest directed by Hugo Metz

Souls of the Vermilion Sea directed by Sean Bogle, Matthew Podolsky

Central park of Dreams directed by Jarmil Halamicek

Himalayan Refugee directed by Nikhil Singh Rajputt

Water of Life and Death directed by Eve Chong Yuk Lam

First Time Filmmaker Competition

The Lurking Man directed by Maritza Brikisak, Keith Rommel

Abodes de la Luz directed by Emily Smith

King In The Mountain directed by Dave Edwards

The Fox directed by Louise Turley

Music Video Competition

Hope directed by Tonatiuh Garcia

Small Neighborhood directed by Steeve Fitoussi

Narrative Feature Competition

Futo the Fucker directed by Suvendu Das

Heredity directed by Carlos G. Vergara Montiel

Enemy? directed by Dinesh P. Bhonsle

The Unnamed (Oggatonama)directed by Tauquir Ahmed

Time Zone Inn directed by Andrea Di Iorio

Nesseltal directed by Philipp J. Pamer

spillover directed by Luis Antonio Rodriguez

Trilogie De Tragedie directed by Blake Fitzpatrick, Brad Paulson, Aaron Burk

Narrative Short Competition

When it is not your time directed by Alexandre Ottoveggio

To The Grave directed by Esther Hegarty

Missed Call directed by Ruben Avitia

Once upon a dream directed by Anthony Nion

Nolens Volens directed by Piet Sonck

Ding Dong Ditch directed by Trevor Williams

Anamnesis directed by Sebastien Tobler

Chrysalis directed by Julia Silva

Adolescence directed by Javier Blanco

Ruined directed by Tim Thurmeier

Student Film Competition

Blackout directed by Timothy Collins

The Ladies From the Ranch directed by Orlando Torres

Noble Creatures directed by Daniel Lafrentz

Daughter of the Lake directed by ozlem altingoz

At the border directed by Tomás Zabala

Jasper directed by Scarlett Urbano

Unprincipled directed by Shelby Wilson

Twisted Wonderland directed by Jorge Castro-Salinas

Screenplay Film Competition

Where's Mama? written by Bernard S. Smith

Don La Quebrada written by Michael Burke

Smile written by Watchara Intrasombat

Angels vs Demons I: Gateway to Hell written by Slavica Bogdanov